These are cats that currently live in my house.
QGC El-Dia Winter Magic of Synergy
Blue Lynx-Point Siamese
Father: GC Leggs Winterfrost of El-Dia
Mother:  Winterfrost Magic Charm of El-Dia
Currently sitting Best Kitten in the Great Lakes Region for 2007-2008
Thank you Barb for such a beautiful kitten!


SGC Synergy Ajna
silver ticked torbie Oriental Shorthair
Almost shaded, and a Longhair carrier!
Father: SGC, RW Synergy Ladakh, Mother: Synergy Creaky Hinge

Ajna 1


  RW SGC Synergy Ladakh
Black Silver Ticked Tabby Oriental Longhair
Father: Synergy Jammu     Mother: Balimoor Softsungblues of Synergy


  RW SGC Synergy Adhara
  Adhara is a black silver mackerel tabby OLH
and was the GLR 18th best kitten in 2005, and 5th best Cat in 2006

Oriental Longhairs are a bit deceiving. 
Unlike Oriental Shorthairs, they look dramatically different when wet.


DGC Synergy Desmond
Seal lynx-point Siamese, almost a grand at his first show,
BuckeyeoHIo Rollers fall 2000, double granded at his next, Nova Cats , winter 2001

Sire: CFA  GRC, RW Casadecano's Robinhood of Synergy
Dam: Sutter's Desiree of Synergy


Past Winners, Now in Other homes

Synergy's first TICA Quadruple Grand Champion Alter

QGC at Paws and Purrs, Flint, Michigan, October 2002

TCA QGCA, CFA GRC Synergy Mylar, ebony silver ticked tabby
Sire:  GRC, RW Casadecano's Robinhood of Synergy
Dam: Mitsumews Sparkle Plenty of Synergy
    Granded on May 27, 2000
Mylar is managing to pose handsomely here, but in reality he is a goofball


Synergy's first TICA Supreme Grand Champion
AND 5th Best Cat 2001-2002 in Championship in the
Great Lakes Region!
SGC Synergy Poor Pitiful Me
Seal point Siamese  Sire: Ch Synergy Scimitar, Dam:  Sutter's Desiree of Synergy
One Show Double Grand Champion at BuckeyeoHIo Rollers show, Toledo, Ohio September 2001
    Quad Grand at Westchester Cat Club in White plains NY in November 2001
Supreme Grand Champion at BuckeyeoHIo Rollers show in Delaware OH, March 2002.
"Pity" has quite a story, having used up at least 4 of her 9 lives by 5 months of age.
Here she is on left at 8 months old, 2 weeks after her adult show debut. (Photo by EgoPrints October 14, 2001) and on right at 1 year 1 month (photo by Chanan photography)









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