House and Garden
 When I moved into my house in late summer 1996, the yard was all grass, beds of weeds, and some old trees.  The only exceptions were a few native orange daylilies on one side of the house, one frangrent pink rose (turned out to be a vigorous climber), and a line of peonies in the back.  Since then I have been slowly turning the weed beds into flower beds (not done yet) and adding beds and borders.   I have added fruit trees, rhodedendrons, and azaleas.  I like informal English cottage style gardens.  It has been fun experimenting with assorted annuals and perenials.  I often grow my plants from seed, which allows me a greater variety. I select for fragrence and color.

The  house is located on Mill Creek Park, a beauttiful wooded watershed over 12 miles long.  The park has many trails, picnic areas, lakes, a formal garden, golf courses, and of course Lanterman's Mill, a working mill located on a lovely waterfall.

A tulip, May 2004                                                   Border, July 2004


                        The driveway border August 2001

Stargazer lillies July 2001

The house May 1999