Dr. Ian Holt's Laboratory, the Mitochondrial Diseases group at the Dunn Human Nutrition Unit, part of the MRC (Medical Research Council) Cambridge, England

Mark and Monika at their desks                                                                        Aurelio setting up a 2D gel

Discussing 2D gel data and possible replication mechanisms with colleagues
standing at front left to right Aurelio Reyes, Ian Holt, Howy Jacobs

After the discussions eating at a local Japanese restaraunt.  From left Howy Jacobs (Tampere, Finland), Ian Holt, Heather Lorimer

Three hyb ovens in the hot room, all in use

   Above right, three PCR machines, each with three separately controlled chambers


Below left to right: The 2D gel group at the Holt lab Christmas dinner December 2003. Ming Yao Yang, Takehiro Yasukama, Heather Lorimer, Aurelio Reyes, Mark Bowmaker.  It's been such a pleasure to work with these guys!

Some noteworthy 2D gel/ mtDNA replication papers from the lab:

Bowmaker, M., M. Y. Yang, T. Yasukawa, A. Reyes, H. T. Jacobs, J.A. Huberman, and I. J. Holt. 2003  "Mammalian mitochondrial DNA replicates bidirectionally from an initiation zone"  J. Biol. Chem. 278(51):5091-5096.

Yang, M. Y.,  M. Bowmaker, A. Reyes, L. Vergani, P. Angeli, E. Gringeri, H. T. Jacobs and I. J. Holt. 2002. " Biased incorporation of ribonucleotides on the mitochondiral L-Strand accounts for apparent strand-asymmetric DNA replication.  Cell 111: 495-505

Holt, I. J., H. E. Lorimer, H. T. Jacobs. 2000. Coupled leading- and lagging-strand synthesis of mammalian mitochondrial DNA.  Cell 100:515-524.

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