Shaded Silver Orientals
Shaded Silvers are a very rare color in Orientals. The shaded color standard asks for a coat color where all the hairs are white at the root and tipped with the darker pattern color starting dark on the spine line and diminishing until the cat is white on the belly and the underside of the tail. The way that this has been achieved is to

                1) Breed tabbies for a cat that has a homozygous ticked pattern, to remove the rings around the tail and marks on the belly, and
                2 Breed for the dominant "silver" allele, and
                3) Breed for "wide-banding" so the cat has less dark color/ more silver in the coat, and
                4) Breed for removal of remaining tabby markings, as Abyssinian breeders have done

Carol Johnson, DVM, PhD has written a nice article on possible genetic influences on shaded color.

Sometimes cats from a shaded progrma end up with two copies of the recessive non-silver i allele.  When that happens, if 1), 3), and 4) above are still there, you have a "golden".  I have had shaded golden cats.  In Oriental Shorthairs the color is rarely so distinct from a regular brown, ebony, or black ticked tabby that they are worthy of being regsitered as shaded goldens, but cleck here to see picture of a shaded golden Oriental Kitten that meet sthe standard.

Hopefully not too much type gets lost in the process! Here are some of my results
SGC Synergy Ajna born Sept. 18, 2006
silver torbie ticked tabby... ALMOST shaded, she had a bit too much "junk" and more ticking on her upper back hairs, but she is VERRY close She sparkles in the right light and is very pale in spite of having very little red.  And she carries Longhair!  I can't wait to get longhair kittens from her!.


Ch, GPR Synergy Katmandu (ebony silver shaded)
Sire: GRC Synergy Ringo (ebony silver ticked)
Dam: Ch Sujonz Stainless Mouse of Synergy
(blue ticked) both parents were homozygous ticked
Picture on right as a kitten, left as an adult, bottom at 6 years old, they get noticeably lighter as they get older.


                @ Chanan  (                                                        @ Carl Widmer

Synergy's Latest CFA Grand!  GRP Synergy Katmandu
Ebony Silver shaded, granded at over 6 years old
at the Cleveland Persian Show in Stow, Ohio in October, 2000
Sire: GRC Synergy Ringo, Dam: Ch Sujonz stainless Mouse of Synergy
Picture taken in November 2000


Ch Synergy Kashmir (ebony silver shaded)
Sire: Ch Casadecano's Raja (ebony silver ticked, homozygous ticked)
Dam: Ch Synergy Begum Bug (blue ticked, homozygous ticked)

        @ Mark McCullough

GRC Casadecano's Moonshadow of Synergy (blue silver shaded)
Sire: Ch Legg's Muddy Waters of Synergy (ebony ticked)
Dam: GRC Casadecano's Lady Rissa (ebony silver ticked, homozygous ticked)
at 9 months  below and left, at almost 5 years on right/bottom

Moonshadow has been CFA's best shaded Oriental 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001


A shaded-point,  Synergy Mirage:


Some of the founding cats of my shaded program

GRC Synergy Ringo - ebony silver ticked tabby (homozygous ticked)
Father of Ch, PR Katmandu, GRC, RW, Casadecano's Lady Rissa, CH, Casadecano's Raja,
and Ch Casadecano's Ladyhawke of Synergy


Ringo's Parents
Top:  Ch Shiaoling's Showtime of Synergy, Seal-lynx-point Colorpoint Shorthair female
Right:  Synergy Raga , ebony silver ticked tabby male
Bottom left:  Ch Sujonz Stainless Mouse of Synergy, mother of Katmandu
The spotted tabby and the smoke are Raga's littermates  (1993)

@ Heather E. Lorimer

Raga's Parents:
Ch Synergy Chani,                                                             GRC Kalahari Mercury
Dam: Ch Synergy Motiji (lavender silver ticked)                Dam: GRC Felitan Bobby Jean of Kalahari

                                                          Sire: Saraka Joshua of Myfun  (ebony)
ebony silver ticked, mother of Raga                                   ebony silver spotted tabby
(Raga's father was GRC Kalahari Mercury)                       (at 4 months, being judges by Loretta Baugh)

      @ Mark McCullough                                                                      @Heather E. Lorimer

In memory of my first shaded silver,
Ch Synergy Polaris who showed up in a litter qute unexpectedly!
Older half-brother of Chani, was never bred
Sire GC Felitan Ashley (ebony smoke),  Dam Ch Synergy Motiji (lavender silver ticked)


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