At stud to select queens

Synergy Sparaxis:  ebony silver spotted tabby:  carries pointed, chocolate, classic, possibly carries dilute, possibly homozygous tabby
                                has a tail fault, has produced a kitten with a protruding xyphoid process, has been throwing nice heads.


Some of Spike's  ancestors (see pedigree below)
Navarre:      Ladyhawke: 
Blue Money:     Ringo: 

                                                                    ggs:  Sandoller Blue Money, DM

                                                grand-sire:  GC, RW Sujonz Take the Money and Run
                                                                    ebony ticked tabby

                                                                    ggd:  GC, NW Sujonz Icebreaker, DM

                               sire:  Synergy Navarre
                                        ebony ticked tabby
                                                                    ggs: GC Synergy Ringo

                                                grand-dam: Ch Casadecano's Ladyhawke of Synergy

                                                                    ggd: Skan lady Alise of Casadecano

Synergy Sparaxis (a.k.a. "Spike")
Ebony silver spotted tabby
CFA and TICA registered                            ggs:  Ch Golden Opportunity at Scintilla

                                                grand-sire:  Scintilla Silver Jester
                                                Chestnut silver spotted tabby

                                                                     ggd:  Solitaire Quatro at Scintilla

                             dam:  Hailey van Jonit's Grut of Synergy (Imp.)
                                      Ebony silver classic tabby

                                                                     ggs:  van de Pearl's Paint-tin

                                                grand-dam:  Amarantha van de Beau Rivage
                                                                    ebony smoke

                                                                     ggd:  Ch Stardust Pinkstreak Pythona