Favorite pictures of cats
All pictures were taken by Heather E. Lorimer and may not be copied or reproduced without her permission.

April 2002

Above:  Sutter's Desiree of Synergy and Ch Perelandra Caryatid of Synergy (both CFA and TICA seal-point Siamese),
with a pile of 4 month old kittens (TICA Oriental Shorthairs and Siamese varients)

Spock snuggled in a throw, with his buddy Pirate on a chilly spring day, April 2001


Left- Nimue, middle top- Navarre, bottom- his brother Bolt, right- Ladyhawke, their mother, spring 2000

My neice Shannon with Lucy, Sky, and Cary, November 1998

Nimue in one of her favorite places, on the cable box        and as a youngster, nice and cozy inside my pillowcase, 1999

Sky and Cary in a windowsill bed, showing that CFA Siamese can indeed get along with Orientals!

Sky washing, then stretching, on the popular cable box.


Some years ago in Seattle (1995). How many cats can sleep on one cat bed?
     faces from lower left: Sativa, Kipling, Ladyhawke, Bug

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