Are you interested in a rescue Oriental or Siamese?
Occasionally cats whose owners have died or have fallen on hard circumstances become available.  Often these are adult cats, sometimes with special needs, only occasionally kittens, but in all cases these cats need good loving homes.  These cats are not free, costs usually include covering low-cost spay/neuter, vaccinations, and transportation if necessary.  Nonetheless, they are typically much less than a pedigreed kitten purchased under normal circumstances.  Plus, there is the bonus of having rescued a cat who has fallen on hard times.  Currently a solid black Oriental "Jackie Chan" about 2 to 3 years old is in foster care with me in Youngstown, Ohio.  More info and a picture here,  along with info on some other Orientals and Siamese.
       If you are interested, check  out Meezerpleasers which handles Siamese and Orientals,  Siamese Rescue, which often also has Orientals, these  Purebred rescue contacts. or the more inclusive  Feline Rescue Network for additional information.

Synergy Kittens and Cats Available
Kittens, Young Adults, Special Needs Kitties

Kittens: TICA and/or CFA registered Kittens are occasionally available to selected homes at a minimum age of 12 to 16 weeks, they are bedroom raised, guaranteed free of FeLV and FIV, and have been vaccinated against Calicivirus, Panleukopenia, and Rhinotracheitis.  They are sold either already neutered or spayed, or with spay/neuter contracts.

Two litters:  One born January 4, to Desiree (seal-point) three boys, a seal-point at left and bottom here, a seal-lynx-point (top in 1st picture), and another lynx-point probably blue at right.   The other litter born Feb 2, three boys and one girl scattered bottom and right in these pictures.  They are too young to tell color for sure, but at least some will be seal-lynx points like their mother Desdemona.



Blue lynx-point and seal lynx-point female kittens born October 19th, ready to go in mid February 2003.  Here attempting so "sun" themselves in a windowsill basket on a snowy day in February.  At right the seal-lynx point looking warmer  snuffled into a throw on the couch.

Contact Heather Lorimer at  for more info

Much more rarely kittens with show/breeding potential are available to serious hobby breeders/exhibitors.
For those who might be interested in the world of showing and maybe breeding pedigreed cats, feel free to contact Heather Lorimer about it.  However, though breeding Orientals is a lot of fun, and the kittens and cats are charming and entertaining, it is an expensive hobby.  You will not "make money" doing it.  Any compensation from kitten sales is more than offset by the cost of high quality catfood, entry fees to shows, vaccinations, toys, and healthcare.  Fortunately, spayed or neutered cats are eligible to be shown, so you can show without the expenses and risks of breeding.

I love to get pictures back from owners of cats that I raised as kittens, take a look at some sample photos of Synergy cats from their human companions


Not sure that you want to deal with the high activity level of a kitten?
Willing to spend time getting to know a mature cat?
Do you want a pedigreed cat of known personality, already neutered or spayed, for substantially less $ than a kitten?

Consider adopting a "retired" adult.  Most of these cats were show cats/ moms or dads.  Their offspring are carrying on the work that they are done with.  They now look forward to a long and happy retirement as someones beloved lap-cat.

YOUNG ADULTS:  I look forward to finding my young adults good homes where they can be loved, played with, and spoiled as they deserve to be. These cats are all neutered or spayed, and are mainly retired show-cats and/or breeders.  I don't breed cats for very long as it is hard on cats to be kept "whole" for more than a few years.  In fact there is evidence that cats that are neutered or spayed before sexual maturity stand less risk of getting some diseases/cancers.  For those on a budget, these cats are less expensive than kittens, they are also more restrained than the rather exhuberant kittens.  Their individual personalities are well known.  They are a bit slower in adjusting to new homes and animal companions, but make as wonderful of companions as kittens do.

Available Adults:
Most pictures are recent and taken at home by Heather Lorimer. No phoyos on this page may be reproduced without permission
Now available! Grand Champion Synergy Mylar.  ebony silver ticked tabby born 7/15/99.  Mylar is a sweet boy, and a goofball, if a bit of a wimp.  He is a beautiful boy, recently neutered.  He would be a good cat to show as an alter, and would be very happy just to be a lap cat.  He loves to play,  He is a very "extreme" Oriental, long, tall, and slender.  He would do well with other young and lively cats.

"Navarre" (Synergy Navarre)  Very handsome, serious looking, ebony ticked tabby. About 5 years old, neutered.  He loves to be petted and loves to sleep with people, although he is quite shy with strangers,.   Comes when he is called.  He should probably be a single cat or have only a female cat as a companion.  Likes to wrap himself around your head in bed and purr hard.

Tandi is a rare shaded silver.  She was born on October 20, 1998.  She is spayed.  She is a shy cat that likes other kitties.  She is a bit of a wimp, and easily billied by dominant cats.  She needs a quite home with friendly cats.  She loves to have her belly rubbed and purrs very loudly when she gets a good tummy massage.  She is shown here in a favorite warm spot, the top of the cable box, with a kitten friend ("Cute").


 Special Needs Kitties:

These are cats that are available for adoption to homes where they can get the care/attention that they need.  Each of these cats has an unusual physical or personality trait that has caused me to keep them until they are grown and not to sell them as kittens for my regular kitten price.  These cats all have features that will make them wonderful pets to the right home, but have some sort of special need.
Pirate, born in December 1999.

 Pirate on the right with his buddy Spock who now lives in Connecticut.

Pirate shown on right has only one eye.  He lost the other in early kittenhood, surgery to repair what could be repaired was done when he was neutered at 6 months old.  His one remaining eye is in perfectly good shape fortunately.  He is a warm ebony tabby with long legs.  He likes to play.  He is a little shy and somewhat clumsy, but he is sweet, a cuddle-bug, and gets along well with other cats.  He was born in December 1999.


"Lucy" (Mitsomews Sparkle Plenty of Synergy)  is a very friendly ebony silver ticked spay, about 5 years old.  She loves people, but is a little jealous with other cats.  Lucy is a definate lap cat and something of a "Social Butterfly" and "Green-eyed Monster".  Lucy is shown here with her kittens, the little silver guy grew up to be Grand Champion Synergy Mylar.  Lucy is now a special needs cat as she was discovered to have (early) breast cancer.  A radical mastectomy was done  in spring 2001.  She recovered quickly and has no sign of reoccurance, but cats typically do have reoccurances.  Its a real pity as she is a beautiful cat who loves people, but does not relish all her feline competition in my house.


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