Are you interested in a rescue Oriental or Siamese?


Occasionally cats whose owners have died or have fallen on hard circumstances become available.  Often these are adult cats, sometimes with special needs, only occasionally kittens, but in all cases these cats need good loving homes.  These cats are not free, costs usually include covering low-cost spay/neuter, vaccinations, and transportation if necessary.  Nonetheless, they are typically much less than a pedigreed kitten purchased under normal circumstances.  Plus, there is the bonus of having rescued a cat who has fallen on hard times.    If you are interested, check  out other ORF (The Oriental Rescue Fund), Meezerpleasers (Siamese and oriental Rescue),  Siamese Rescue, which often also has Orientals, these  Purebred rescue contacts. or the more inclusive  Feline Rescue Network for additional information.   Shown above: A handsome old Siamese named Irwin who was dumpeed at a kill shelter with ten other Orientals and Siamese crammed into 3 dirty carriers was rescued and found a forever home with help from ORF.


For more information about current and future Oriental rescues contact Heather E. Lorimer <>

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